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Welcome to the Gnymphs Gallery. Below are all the series available for purchase by members. You can view a slide show of selected images by clicking the link below.
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"Schrödinger's Kitten" is Ada's first series for Gnymphs.net. It features her deriving Schrodinger's equation.

"The Red Mask" is Jessica's first series. In it, she becomes a sketch for a game character she is rolling up.

"Ensorcelled" is the first series Nixie has done for Gnymphs.net, in which she uses her own kind of magic to lure someone she meets to his watery grave.

"Touch Not..." is Velvet's first series for Gnymphs.net. In it, she demonstrates proper comic handling etiquette.

"Elemental Transformation" is Gnymphs.net's first series featuring Natsilani. This outdoor series shows her as both fire and water elemental.

"Privateer" is the first series by Molly for Gnymphs.net. It features pillage, plunder, and booty.

"Polyhedral Bath" is Ada's second series, in which she lives every RPG geek girl's dream and luxuriates in a tub full of plastic polyhedra.

"Lace Daydream" is Morgan's first series for Gnymphs in which she becomes distracted while folding laundry and discovers how sensuous lace can feel.

"Autumn Undressed," Jessica's second series, shows her reveling in her inner gnymph in the glory of a warm autumn day in the woods.

All gamers threaten their dice when they roll badly. In "Bad Dice," Nixie's second series, she follows through on the threat, and makes the other dice watch!

"T-shirt Tease" is Ada's third series for Gnymphs. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Geeklabel T-shirts, Ada gets to try on several geeky t-shirts. Watching a woman decide what to wear has never been more fun.

In "Naked Weapons," Velvet's second series for Gnymphs, she displays her beautiful and deadly array of weapons. Oh, and some swords and stuff too.

"Strip Chess: The Opening" is the first of three series showing Natsilani and Molly removing each other's pieces and each other's clothes.

"Strip Chess: Middle Game" continues the chess match started between Nastilani and Molly. As the game gets more heated, the Gnymphs reveal more of their strategies and themselves.

In "Strip Chess: End Game" we finally see the conclusion to this long and revealing chess match between Nastilani and Molly. Who wins? We do!

In "Apple 3.14159" Ada revels in two of her favorite activities: climbing trees and baking. The result - a naked gnymph in an apple tree and a yummy pie.

"Monochrome" is the third series with which Velvet has graced us. She proves that beauty, elegance, and sensual erotica are best displayed in black and white.

Ada goes bareback on the fence in "Grand Tetons," a series taken in Grand Teton National Park. What better place to get naked in nature than in front of 'Great Breasts' mountain range?

"Monochrome II" is the second half of Velvet's sensuous foray into black and white.

Who is that masked Gnymph in "Mardi Gras Mirror" preparing for a night of debauchery?



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